Lucía Hernández Rosa. Lawyer. Founding partner of H&G Consultores. Director of the Legal and Real-estate Department.

– Lawyer qualified at Granada’s University of Law, 2.004.

– Máster on Urbanism and Land Management at San Pablo-CEU’s Business School, Madrid, 2.006

– Lawyer. Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira, Department of Public law, Urbanism and Administrative law, 2.007-2.009, Madrid.

– Founding partner of H&G Consultores, Marbella, 2.010.

Fernando Martínez Goyanes. Architect. Founding partner of H&G Consultores. Director of the Technical Department. 

– Architect qualified at Seville’s High Technical School of Architecture, 2.004.

Máster on Collective Housing at ETH Zürich – Madrid’s Technical University, 2009.

– Architect. Arnaiz & Partners, Department of Architecture Competitions and Designs , Madrid, 2.004-2.006.

– Project Director at O.A.U. (Office of Urban Architecture), Madrid, 2.006-2.009.

– Founding partner of H&G Consultores, Marbella, 2.010.