e13029-Private Resort Gabela

Comission: Private Resort Gabela.   Surface: 10.000m.²   Property: Private Developer.   Location: Gabela, Angola.

Job Description:  This work is conceived as a landscape-residential private development in a natural environment in the central area of the country is developed, with a high careful treatment of the environment, solving adaptation in a privileged set with a sober architecture and a sustainable construction proposal while modern look and comfortable interiors contrast with the wild environment.

The project organizes a housing group with different dimensions and following a scattered pattern layout, emulating local housing settlements, with the aim of allowing from each apartment will have unobstructed views of the nearby gardens and the surrounding countryside. Also, it gives the resort a restaurant, a pool and a jango that service to homes taking account of local social customs.

For the outdoor areas within extensive landscaped spaces, vegetable garden and planting fruit trees as well as treatment areas with sea walls and paved paths with vernacular materials.

The homes have all their own terrace, living room and kitchen, with dimensions depending on the number of bedrooms for each. The group envelopes and structure is made with glue laminated wood, with plasterboard cladding for the interiors.

Work progress: JANGO

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